Test Confidence

Note: Our Terms & Conditions is subject to change at any time without notice. To make sure you are aware of any changes, please review this periodically.

By visiting this Website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Website. If you do not agree please do not use or access our Website. By mere use of the Website.

SMS Service:

We use SMS Service from Behala Electro Comp System Learning Institute, SMS Gateway Hub provide the SMS service to Behala Electro Comp System. If Behala Electro Comp System stop its service for any reason, then we would be unable to send SMS for temporary basis.

File Access:

In assignment section teachers and students upload their file to his/her google drive storage location, the only can view this file. No other files are accessible in your google drive by anybody without his/her consent. It is totally safe for teachers and students to upload their assignments in TestConfidence app.

Tutorial Access:

Admin of the institute use Google account for Video (Youtube) and for files (Google Drive) to upload their tutorials. The access and usage rights are totally dependent of Google terms of service.

Package Related Terms & Conditions:

1. Instalment only for 6 months & 12 months package starting from 200 students pack.

2. All instalment will be paid as below

    a. 50% at the beginning (1st month)
    b. 30% on the next month (2nd month)
    c. 20% on the 3rd month

3. In the time of package upgrade, all dues must be cleared.

4. Packages are renewed as per Regular Package Rates.

5. Package up-gradation cost -

    a. (Total license period in months - Already used month(s)) * Monthly difference of upgraded package

6. Instalment for Upgrading Package

    a. 50% at While Upgrade (1st month)
    b. 30% on the next month (2nd month)
    c. 20% on the 3rd month
    d. No installation for up-gradation while the remaining license period is or below 3 months.

7. Live class Credentials

    a. First 1 free of charge, then charged 500 each as setup fees (One Time)

8. Other Payments

    a. All third-party service payments are not collected by us
    b. Payment & Coins service required an additional 10% of the total allowed Limit.
    c. Other payments for Support & Services are listed below

9. Package Pricing can be updated without notice (Only applicable while you Renew, Upgradation will cost as per your package)

10. Support & Services charges can be updated without notice.

11. We will not take note of the fees collected by any Institution for this service from the students.

12. Institute will get the same amount of registration token for student registration as per the package. Extra registration token will cost Rs. 100/Token in a pack of 10 Tokens.